Wednesday Morning


On the morning after Election Day, Jeannine Hamilton discovers that if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. After losing a local upstate election, Jeannine pays a surprise visit to her brother, Wesley’s, palatial estate. She unexpectedly finds herself at a celebratory brunch surrounded by his duplicitous comrades as they engage in a dangerous game of political horsetrading, leaving Jeannine to make a life or death decision before dessert can be served…


A 2020 Election Podcast Event from TheDirector and Lighten Up Productions

Directed by Pete Chatmon

Written by Pete Chatmon and Candice Sanchez McFarlane


Kelly McCreary, Spencer Garrett, Colman Domingo, Blake DeLong, Joy Nash, Louis Ozawa, Elena Campbell-Martinez, Remy Ortiz, Monnie Aleahmad

Executive Producers

Pete Chatmon, Kelly McCreary


Candice Sanchez McFarlane, Christina Dehaven-Call, Tristan Nash


Pete Chatmon

Sound Design

Matt Polis of SoundSpace