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Tell us who you are and we’ll tell the tale.


TheDirector is a Los Angeles based Digital Studio with domestic outposts in NYC, ATL, and Chicago. Your project demands an experienced creative at the helm. We provide visionary directors that understand your brand, product or service, as well as the know-how to manage talent, crew, and equipment to elevate any scope of work. We also offer experience in staging international productions through our network of global partnerships.

By weaving visual narratives that engage, educate, and entertain with purpose, we serve as the bridge to your creative needs.

TheDirector is more than a credit — it’s a commitment.

Pete Chatmon


Award-Winning Director. Features. TV. Branded Content. Commercials. Telling Stories Since ‘93.

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A camera is a camera until you put it in the hands of an artist.


We craft stories and connect your audience with customized videos and images, whether it be a single piece of content, episodic campaign, Instagram series, or beyond.


Identifying your narrative is job one. Our Creative Brief ensures you avoid finding the right solution to the wrong problem.


From picture and sound editing, to graphics and animation, our team of designers elevate what’s captured on set or on location to new levels with customized creativity.

Branded Content | Television | Films | Documentaries | Commercials | Music Videos| Events




“Working with Pete is the perfect example of a true collaboration. Our long standing working relationship and friendship, is a result of a mutual respect for each other’s unmatched work ethic and creative like-mindedness. Anybody who has ever worked with Pete can vouch for his preparation and clear vision. His approach encourages everyone around him to work harder…”


Dorian Missick
“BlackCard”, “Premium” | Actor

“From directing to shooting to editing, Pete understands how to tell a story. He has curated a team of like-minded talent at TheDirector so that the entire experience of working with the team is top-notch. For Pete, delivering quality video is not just about making money. He pours his soul into each project. It is a unique approach, and it’s the reason why TheDirector is at the top of my list…”


Becky Morrison
The Light | Founder

“TheDirector has been integral to our largest and most impactful campaigns for clients such as Verizon, Gain, and a number of our P&G brand partners. With offerings that include real-time content delivery and multi-camera shoots coupled with fast turnaround and flexibility in working with big brand planning windows, we have impacted millions of consumers across social networks…”


Allison Rhone
Egami Consulting | Social Media Strategist

“I had the pleasure of working with TheDirector team on two separate occasions, and both times, agency and client were equally blown away with the quality of the work. In a truly collaborative setting, Pete is able to take feedback and one-up it with unique ideas and solutions to a visual challenge…”


Bruna Camargo
Ignite Social Media